Lime Keel House


We are currently closed for the off-season.

The Lime Keel House is a traditional West Indian wooden home built in Anguilla over 100 years ago. Originally built in Sandy Ground, we moved the structure to the Island Harbour location to restore it.

Built like a ship, the house stands strong. We remodeled some of the rotten bits, repaired the roof, put on a lick of paint and there it was, beautiful as ever. We kept as many of the original pieces as we could, down to the trim.

Our bathroom was made from 80% recycled materials. After hurricane Irma, there was lots of wood being thrown away. We collected and processed it ourselves to make the structure. For instance, the pillars are from the former East End School, which was over 100 years old too.

We have a bar and grill Friday to Sunday from 5-11 pm. Sunset happy hour from 5-6 pm. The Lime Keel House is located in Island Harbour, just next to Hibernia on Harbour Ridge road.