We are the experts for surfing in Anguilla and have been developing the sport on the island for the past few years. Our surf tours are run by two brothers with a passion for the water and having fun surfing. Anguilla has many surf breaks around the island and for beginner to advanced surfers.


Surf Tours Offshore

Recently, we have also added offshore surf tours to our services. Offshore trips are to a right hand point break that is some of the best surf in the region. This break is more consistent and always twice as big as anything on land because it receives unprotected north swell.


Surf Tours on Land

Trips include transportation from the Lime Keel House. Locations vary due to skill level and conditions. Please note that our surf season runs from December to March. This is the best time for waves in Anguilla.

How surf tours work:

  1. Fill out our booking form. We take surf tour bookings up to 2 weeks out from desired surf day.

  2. We will give you a window in which the conditions will be best. You choose what day works for you.

  3. Secure your surf session with a payment in person or through our website.

  4. On the surf day, we will meet at the Lime Keel House with all the surf equipment necessary. We then head out in the van to find the best waves that day. We suggest bringing a t-shirt or rash guard as well as sun screen. We will have water, wax, leashes, boards, etc.

  5. Surf sessions lasts for about 3 hours, conditions may vary.


Surf Rentals

50 USD daily

60 USD daily SUPS

Surf tours on land and lessons- 125 USD per person

Surf tours offshore - 250 USD per person

  • If a booking is not canceled within 72 hours of the tour, the customer is liable to pay the full amount. Prior to that, we can refund 75% of the total cost. In the event of bad weather, we will make every effort to accommodate for the next available day.